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We created this podcast in Spring 2021 to help fill the gap that exists between folks recognizing that climate change is a problem in search of urgent solutions — and deciding to do something about it! We hope you'll join our community of listeners who want to take action. More about us...

yifei huang, Co-host

Yifei Huang is a software engineer residing in Palo Alto. After living through the California fires and paying more attention to the ever more dire news about climate change, she became a climate advocate with Citizens' Climate Lobby in 2018. While meeting others through her advocacy, she was constantly impressed by what others were doing to make their lives more green, and wanted to unearth those stories. She is also a proud caretaker of 3 adorable indoor plants: Edward Morgan Forster, Rosa Parks, and Graham Greene.


Vivian Patterson is a graduate student at Stanford University, and her day job is working on automated vehicles. She is interested in working on sustainable transportation options as well as advocating for individual lifestyle choices to support a greener planet. Vivian is an enthusiastic gardener, amateur plant mom, and avid home composter.

Wendy Chou, co-producer

Wendy is the Communications and Outreach Manager at the Bay Area environmental nonprofit Acterra. Originally an East Coaster, she fell in love with California while studying the effects of climate change on California grasslands for her Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley. Helping bring a climate action podcast to life is a dream come true. In her free time Wendy volunteers for Citizens' Climate Lobby (San Mateo County chapter) and enjoys day hiking with her family.

VIDYA ravi, co-producer

Vidya Ravi is a software program manager residing in the heart of Silicon Valley. She is passionate about sustainability and is constantly looking for ways to reduce and replace plastics in her everyday life. Vidya strongly feels that individual lifestyle choices have a major impact on the planet and believes that any change, however minute, is a path in the right direction. Currently an MBA student, she is looking to deepen her knowledge of the global climate crisis and be a large part of mitigating its impact on the planet.


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Join US!

We're always looking for more help, from hosting episodes, to editing, to episode creation, to marketing. If you're interested, email keepingitcoolpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. We'd love to hear from you!

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